Custom Built Equipment

Custom Solutions for Your Manufacturing Needs

We work with our customers and our vendors to find the best solutions to our clients custom needs. Whether you need a retrofit, XY optics, an oil cooler or any of the other custom options we offer; we are here to help. Together we can customize your equipment to create the perfect solution to your needs. Our design and build team is the best in the business so if you don’t see what you are looking for online GIVE US A CALL and together we will find the right solution for you!


In this example our customer had a machine designed to feed sheets of material. What he wanted to do was run rolls of material automatically, plus knock out his parts into a box (bulk packaging) To accomplish this we needed to replace the machine’s old control with our control add two roll feeds and our guided cylinder knock out system.The completed project picture is on our home page, The picture here is “in process” showing the operator screen. Our customer was able to use an existing machine and repurpose it for his current needs saving him $$$

hydraulic press rollers
roll feed system

Roller Upgrades

For many of today’s materials, especially materials like PSA with a slick backing, the older single drive rollers have trouble moving your material consistently. We have two styles of double drive rolles designed to drop into your presses roller mounting. With these rollers both the top and bottom coated roller cores are tied together via a gear cluster so you have feeding power on the top and bottom of your material. The result is more accurate feed lengths.

Oil Cooler

Oil coolers often are needed when heated platens are used, also when the job requires that the platten be held on the bottom of the stroke for a programed time (ram dwell), or some time needed in lue of a large enough oil tank. Our coolers are offline coolers, which means they are not dependent on oil flow back to the tank to work. They are always on when programed to be, to give you a more effective cooling.

oil cooler
XY optics

XY Optics

When die cutting pre printed material more feed accuracy is usually needed between die cuts. In this example our customer needed to sandwich sheets of material between two rolls of clear material.(laminate) The spacing between sheets often varies. To solve this problem we added two laser controlled sensors to find a preprinted mark. One for the x axis (front to back) and one for the y axis (left to right) Our machine was programed to feed slightly short of the x mark then jog the material to the mark, once found material jogs (L to R) to find the y mark then the machine cuts the grouping of parts accurately. The picture shows the sensors held in their holder (red lights) and their operator control.

Hydraulic Cylinder Sleeve

In this example our customer likely side loaded their machine causing the piston to drag against the cylinder wall. Likely more than once. The cylinder (head of the machine) was too damaged to overbore and install custom seals. It had to be bored much more and a sleeve was pushed in place to bring the bore back to size. In the second picture you can see the finished repair.

hydraulic cylinder sleeve
hydraulic cylinder sleeve
heat control heated platens
heat control

Heat Control

Heated platens are often used to heat the die rule and sometimes cutting plate to get a cleaner cut, or cut at less pressure, or even cut the part at all. The pictures show our control and a strip type heat platten.