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Remanufactured Presses

2024 40-Ton Hydraulic Press

40-Ton 20x24 Press

This press has a repaired head and the rest is new! Complete with new SDM touch screen production controls, mic stop, and two SD drive rollers. Job ready.

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40 ton 1512 Hydraulic press

40-Ton 15x12 Press

Includes new hydraulics, new SD plc based control for extended reliability, two rebuilt “stepper powered rollers,” and accurate mic stop system including a disc brake.

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New Equipment

direct drive roll feed system

SD 12" Direct Drive Roll Feed System

This system will automate your mechanical or hydraulic press by interfacing to the cam system or via a proximity switch.

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SD 10" Rotary Press

SD 10" Rotary Press

Includes station, 2hp ac drive 15:1 reducer, anvil, unwind bar with brake, powered rewind, and stand.

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40 Ton 20x24 Remanufactured Hydraulic Press

SD 2024 40-Ton Die Cutting Press

Includes our reliable PLC based control, SD 2.54” single drive roll feeds, swings away front roller stainless tray, modular hydraulic.

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Other Sizes Available

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