Re-Manufactured Equipment

Re-manufactured Equipment Can Be a Money Saver

If budget restrictions are a concern for you, you may want to consider purchasing remanufactured equipment to meet your needs. It is a budget saver and has the same warranty on new parts like our new builds.

If new is beyond your budget, consider rebuilding your existing equipment. Improving on outdated technology can make all the difference. For example our Panasonic PLC control system is far superior to previous control systems. All new parts on remanufactured equipment comes with the same parts warranty as a new build. Rebuilding your existing equipment can save you money! We replace only the parts that need replacing and/or upgrading to help with your budget concerns.

Re manufacture A Press

The process of remanufacturing a press starts with completely removing all parts from the base and head area of the press. The base and sometimes the head is then sent out for sandblasting,

We often cut out a portion of the “operator side” of the base which has numerous large holes in it. We weld in a new plate with no holes leaving less opportunities for dirt and debris (gasket centers) to get inside the base during operation. We install our new hydraulic block which contains all the hydraulic components needed. This makes a simplified clean system inside the base with less opportunities for messy leaks that create more maintenance.

The electrical portion is built on a steel plate outside of the press, it is installed when completed resulting in a, for a neater completed well thought out panel. The press is completely re-wired with all new components.

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